Protecting Yourself from Wire Fraud

October 18, 2017 12:00 am

A woman on her cell phone and her laptop open with the screen saying scam in big red letters At Fairway, we are committed to making sure that you close on your home quickly and safely. With so much technology at our fingertips, we ensure that your information stays safe and that nothing stands in the way of you and a secure, easy closing. However, we do need to address the fact that wire fraud does happen.

Sometimes, though not commonly, a homebuyer will receive an email from a sender posing as someone involved with the home loan – their real estate agent, lender, or settlement agent. These emails appear authentic, are disguised to look like they are from a trusted source, and have instructions on how to wire money for closing, but the email is a scam. These emails can be very detailed and even include information such as account numbers.

It is always best to check with me directly on any matters that pertain to wiring money. Please feel free to call and confirm all wiring instructions with me directly or with the settlement agent. Even if we confirm this once, you can always double check. Wiring an amount this large is important and I want you feel safe in doing so. My job is to look after your best interest, so always consider me a resource and run any emails that seem suspicious by me.